Valery Karpin reacted to words of Ovchinnikov who called him "the Narva boy"

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The head coach combined Russian Federation Valery Karpin shared emotions after movie viewing "Valery Karpin Valery Karpin. Love, hope and belief". "Whom did not expect to see in the documentary film? Ovchinnikova. He told the phrase, what I "the Narva boy"? Well, Narva – more Russian city. Probably, as in Moscow areas dangerous. Probably, Narva the dangerous city to Estonia", – was told by Valery Karpin. The trainer heads the national team Russian Federation since July, 2021. Valery Karpin prolonged contract about FUR till August 1 of the 2024th. Under its management the national team played 8 matches – 6 victories, 1 draw, 1 defeat. Be registered and receive 2000 rubles...