At presidential elections Slovenia is in the lead Natalia Pirts Musar

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Natalia Pirts Musar. The non-party candidate Natalia Pirts Musar is in the lead following the results of the second round of presidential elections Slovenia, reports information agency "ITAR-TASS". The lawyer gathered 53,86 percent of votes after processing 99,99 percent of bulletins. The deputy of democratic party, the former head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country, Angers Wilayah of Logar gathered 46,14 percent of votes. In the first round which has taken place on October 23, Wilayah of Logar received 33,9 percent of votes, Natalia Pirts Musar — 26,8 percent. The second round of elections of the head of state took place on Sunday, November 13. The appearance made 53 percent that is 2 percent higher in comparison with the first round of vote. ...
Natalia Pirts Musar
Last position: Elected president of Slovenia (President of Republic Slovenia)
Borut Pahor
Main activity:Politician
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