For what the actress Eleonora Shashkov almost slapped a face to the director Rostotsky Stanislas

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The actress Eleonora Shashkov could play one of roles in the movie Rostotsky Stanislas "White Bim the Black ear", but refused. 45 years later after an exit of a picture to screens the honored actress Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic cannot forget offense on the cinematographer. In studio of the Destiny of the Person with <3> Boris Korchevnikov program on TV channel "Rossiya" Eleonora Shashkov remembered how was surprised to the offer Rostotsky Stanislas to play Selivanova Valentina who in its movie "White Bim Black Ear" scoffed at a dog. "I told it that I will not make it because at school children will shoot me from slingshots", – the star remembers...
Boris Korchevnikov
Last position: CEO, general producer (LLC "SPAS TV")
Eleonora Shashkova
Last position: Actress (Theater named after Eugenia Vakhtangova)
Rostotsky Stanislas
Selivanova Valentina
Dorman Benjamin Davydovich