To Stavropol Territory the minister of economic developments] retired </"7"

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In Stavropol Territory there were changes in the management of Ministry economic development. The head of department Sergei Aleksandrovich Krynin resigned. It worked on a post of the minister since April, 2019. Its leaving is caused by the termination of validity period contracts, writes "AIF-SK". Since October 26 the official will leave a position according to the order signed by the governor Stavropol Territory by Vladimir Vladimirov. A row of mass media prophesies the released chair of the minister to Davydov Denise Polyubina — to the chairman Committee Stavropol territory on food and to processing industry, trade and licensing. As reported information agency "REGNUM", on the current...
Vladimir Vladimirov
Last position: Governor (Government of the Stavropol Territory)
Sergei Aleksandrovich Krynin
Main activity:Official
Davydov Denise
Ministry economic development
Government Agency