Zukarello calls Kirill Kaprizov the child: "I have an eldest son and the little girl. After its birth at me other life – is less than dream"

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Mats Zukarello Asen calls Kirill Kaprizov the eldest son. The Norwegian told about a dish which prepares each time when to it the Russian comes. "Taka. I prepare for it taka each time when it comes. Usual beef forcemeat with seasonings and is a little vegetables", – the forward of "Minnesota" told. After the birth of the daughter Mats jokes that it has two children. "I have an eldest son (Kirill Kaprizov – a comment) and the little girl. So, I have other life – now I have less dream. So this year you should fulfill a little in defense", – Zukarello told Kirill Kaprizov. If Kirill Kaprizov not...