Near Volgograd the third day look for the gone 17-year-old disabled person

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The third day in Mikhailovka Volgograd Region look for the 17-year-old teenager who left the house on October 6. As reports information portal "Vysota 102" with reference to the <4> Novoanninsky today tg-channel, for search of the young man who is disabled from childhood and has difficulties of communication, connect volunteers. All not indifferent citizens, ready to help with searches of the teenager, at buildings ADMINISTRATION OF THE CITY DISTRICT MIKHAYLOVKA CITY OF THE VOLGOGRAD REGION wait from 8.40-9.20. - For searches physically prepared aged people 18%2B are required. With itself it is necessary to have a thermos with hot tea, water. It is necessary to be warmly dressed, in boots or berets...