Hungary the first in EU began "national consultations" about sanctions

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Suggested to express the opinion on sanctions during national consultations the prime minister Hungary Victor Orban. He urged Hungarians to put an end to a rise in prices for the energy, caused by the imposed Brussels to member countries EU sanctions. "Now each European citizen pays a half of the sanctions price for energy", – Victor Orban in the video address declared. According to him, since the beginning of the anti-Russian sanctions "the prices flew up to heavens". Hungary the first in Europe starts national consultations for collecting opinion of citizens about the anti-Russian sanctions. Official representative Ministry foreign affairs and external commercial relations Hungary Tamash Mentser...
Péter Szijjártó
Main activity:Politician
Tamash Mentser
Last position: The state secretary on the bilateral relations (Ministry foreign affairs and external commercial relations Hungary)
Victor Orban
Last position: Prime minister (Government of Hungary)
Balazh Orban
Last position: Adviser to the prime minister of Hungary for political affairs (Government of Hungary)
Alexandra Eva Sentkirayi
Last position: Press secretary, official representative (Government of Hungary)