Four persons suffered in collision with chipper on the Saratov route

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In Kalininsky rayon Saratov Region on September 23 there was an accident to four victims. At 7:05 in emergency services the call that on the route "Saratov - Voronezh", without reaching arrived the Cossack sat down, the automobile car crashed into chipper. "Victims four, from them two children. Clamped is not present. In total in consciousness. In regional hospital in a condition of average weight two girls are hospitalized: 7 and 10 years", - were written in the telegram-channel by the Deputy Prime Minister - the Minister of Health Oleg Nikolaevich Kostin. UPD. According to the specified data of regional State traffic inspectorates, into chipper crashed...
Oleg Nikolaevich Kostin
Last position: Minister (Ministry of Health of the Saratov region)