All Los Angeles looks for a doggie Peris Uitni Khilton: the star even employed detectives

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The actress, the singer and model Peris Uitni Khilton since September 14 cannot find any peace. At the blonde Sobchak's darling of breed of a chihuahua by nickname Daymond Bebi was gone. It was gone from the house when Peris Uitni Khilton was on a photoshoot. Source: that ill-fated day Peris Uitni Khilton was on a photoshoot. In the house of a star loaders worked and someone from them forgot to close a door. Pesik jumped out on the street and was gone. About it reports People. "I feel as if the part me is absent, and without it everything became differently. Daymond Bebi — this mine everything, it to me is valid as the daughter. We were unseparable, she was my best friend and...