Istomin Artem: "Daniel Serokhvostov it is already best of all, it is healthy, Mironova Svetlana recover"

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The trainer Istomin Artem told combined Russian Federation and Mironova Svetlana. "Daniel Serokhvostov it is already best of all, it is healthy. Now will arrive here, to Raubichi, we will start training. Let's talk to it about further plans, we will discuss everything. On the championship Russian Federation in Tchaikovsky it will arrive, but concerning races while we do not know, we will look at his state. At Mironova Svetlana the good mood, is already visible that she recovers. This most important that it the head kept the spirit, motivation for a season. We will return, I am sure that everything will be good", – Istomin Artem on air "told the Match...
Daniel Serokhvostov
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Istomin Artem
Mironova Svetlana