The former pilot of F-1 explained in what Maxime Emiliane Ferstappen surpasses Sharl Mark Herve Perseval Lekler

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The former pilot of Formula One Finn Mika Salo compared Maxime Emiliane Ferstappen from "Red Bull" and Sharl Mark Herve Perseval Lekler from "Ferrari". "Red Bull" suits Maxime Emiliane Ferstappen, and he excellent supports them. At Sergio Peres Mendosa it is impossible to keep up with it. It was close at the beginning of a season, but now lag is great. I consider that at Maxime Emiliane Ferstappen better it turns out to adhere to tactics. What distinctions between Sharl Mark Herve Perseval Lekler and Maxime Emiliane Ferstappen? At Maxime Emiliane Ferstappen big self-confidence. It already has a title, and he constantly wins. Confidence – its most strength. It any more does not make a mistake though it did it a few years ago. Now it is not present...