Vladimir Rogov explained, what question among inhabitants Zaporizhia Oblast the most popular

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Inhabitants Zaporizhia Oblast are interested when the referendum about entry of the region into structure Russian Federation will take place and as to accelerate it. The corresponding statement was made on August 13 by the member of the Main council of military civil authorities Zaporizhia Oblast, the head of social movement "We together with Russian Federation" Vladimir Rogov. "These questions even are more popular, than questions following, already sounding behind them — material security, pensions, social payments, grants, food products, drugs, workplaces etc." — were explained by him. Earlier it was reported that the Kherson area costs...
Kirill Stremousov
Last position: Deputy head of military civil authorities of the Kherson region
Vladimir Rogov
Last position: Member of the Main council of military civil authorities (Regional state administration of Zaporozhye)
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Government Agency
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