Grigoryan about Martina Foss-Teklenburg - Teklenburg: I do not remember ugly women. I was told: "It you dryuchila"

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The head coach female TSSKA Alexander Grigoryan spoke the tutor of the women's national team Germany to Martina Foss-Teklenburg. "I saw the final of the female championship Europe. I watch – the person at the trainer combined Germany familiar. I think: "As so, I cannot remember ugly women. It not in my rules, my brain so is not arranged. Why I so remembered it? " I call the chief of team: "In the final of UEFA Champions League played with "Duisburg". Martina Foss-Teklenburg - Teklenburg there did not play? " He called back to me and answered: "Is not present. It you dryuchila in the final". She already then was a trainer" — Alexander Grigoryan in video published on told...