"Artekovtsa" chose Glyukozu as the best actress

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In Republic of Crimea very much hot and not only because long-awaited heat and the sea came got warm to 22 degrees but also because the annual International children's film festival "Scarlet sails of a name Vasilii Semenovich Lanovoy" here came to the end. The national actor was the permanent president of a film festival, now after its leaving the film festival was headed by Sokolov Andrey. - All of us were deserted after leaving Semenovich Vasilii, - the director of Kinogrom association and the founder of "Scarlet sails of Artek" Gromova Irina speaks. - Semenovich Vasilii was as the family member, we always were under his wing. It was such person, what even those...
Vasilii Semenovich Lanovoy
Last position: Actor (Theater named after Eugenia Vakhtangova)
Tatyana Sudets
Last position: TV host, announcer of television
Aristarkh Venes
Last position: Actor
Nicholas Denisov
Last position: Actor (State budget cultural institution of the Moscow city "Mtyuz")