To Russians will write off more than three billion rubles of debts without vessels

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It is total amount of means according to the approved demands from the moment of start of this practice — from September of the 2020th to May of this year. For all this period 9 thousand citizens are allowed to procedure, from them 6 thousand already completely finished it, the first deputy head International Energy Agency Ilya Torosov told daily social and political business newspaper "Izvestiya". He specified that in only multipurpose centers the countries more than 19,5 thousand statements from Russians arrived. "The share of refusals in initiation of procedure of extrajudicial bankruptcies decreases. If in the first months of work of this scheme of the demand of citizens were approved only in 30% cases, following the results of May of the 2022nd this figure is equal...
Ilya Torosov
Last position: Deputy minister (Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation)
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