Dreymond Green – about energy Karri Stefen in the 4th match of the final: "He wanted to protect me and distracted attention to"

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The forward "Uorriorz" Dreymond Green remembered the third and fourth matches of a final series with "Seltiks" in Boston when the audience was incited aggressively against it. In the fourth meeting Karri Stefen gathered 43 points. "I was awful in the third game, simply devil's accident. And reality such is that I was slightly unsettled because at all did not wait for that happened. I understood that there will be osvistyvaniye that the people something will shout in my address, but I did not expect that 21 thousand people will chant "You went, Dreymond Green". When I appeared near tribunes, heard "Went nakhren, a knot...
Дрэймонд Грин
Last position: The professional athlete on basketball (Basketball club "Golden State Uorriorz")
Karri Stefen
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