At the authorities Bulgaria arose disagreements concerning payment of the Russian gas

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Moscow, on June 24 - newspaper "Argumenty i fakty". The prime minister Bulgaria Kirill Petkov Petkov told that it had disagreements with the president of the country Rumen Georgiev Radev on the question connected with payment of the Russian gas. According to him, Rumen Georgiev Radev disagreed with the decision of the government which refused to pay for deliveries gas from Russian Federation in rubles. Besides, the leader of the state opposed sending the weapon to Ukraine. Kirill Petkov Petkov in interview of newspaper "The Guardian" expressed fear that if it does not manage to create the new coalition, Bulgaria can change the relation to a subject Ukraine, and also agree with the Russian conditions on...
Maria Zakharova
Last position: Director of the department of information and press (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation)
Rumen Georgiev Radev
Last position: President of the Republic of Bulgaria (President of Republic Bulgaria)
Eleonora Mitrofanova
Last position: Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary (Embassy of the Russian Federation in Republic of Bulgaria)
Kirill Petkov Petkov
Last position: Prime minister (Government of the Republic of Bulgaria)