The forward of "Reyndzhers" Artemy Panarin took the 4th place among goal-scorers of team following the results of play-off

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The Russian forward Hockey club "New York Reyndzhers" Artemy Panarin became the fourth goal-scorer of team in National Hockey League). The forward of "rangers" played on ice of 20 matches in a Cup of Stanley, having earned 16 (6 heads of %2B 10 transfers) points. The third place was taken by the American forward Chris Krayder (16 points — 10%2B6), the second — the compatriot Chris Krayder the defender Adam Foks (23 — 5%2B18), the leader — the Swedish forward Mika Zibanezhad (24 — 10%2B14). Let's note that for all playoffs Artemy Panarin put on gate of rivals of 50 throws at average game time 20.16 for a match and the general indicator...