The countries of America intend to improve conditions for legal migration in the region

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The signed declaration provides, in particular, strengthening of protection and creation of additional ways of migration for hunters of a shelter, refugees and stateless persons Los Angeles / the State of California/, on June 11. information agency "ITAR-TASS". The Los Angeles declaration supported at the Summit of America by chapters of 20 states of the Western hemisphere, provides improvement of conditions of legal migration in the region. "We intend to strengthen possibilities of labor migration in the region, integrating protective mechanisms for ensuring the disciplined employment free from operation, violence and discrimination according to...
Andres Manoel Lopes Obrador
Last position: President of Mexico (President of United Mexican States)
Louis Alberto Alekhandro Aparisio Lakalye Pou
Last position: President of Oriental Republic of Uruguay (President of East Republic Uruguay)