In Smolensk the middle of week "will surprise" with twenty-degree differences of temperatures

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From winter at summer it will be possible to get within one days Smolensk, on May 24. On Wednesday, May 25, in the territory of Smolensk Region temperature "swing" will proceed. As weather forecasters of regional GIMS report, day will pass with a partly cloudy and without significant precipitations. The wind will blow at the night of a northern quarter, 3-8 m/s, with transition in the afternoon on southeast, 6-11 m/s. Air temperature on area: at night %2B1 °C … %2B6 °C, freezing places to –1 °C, in the afternoon %2B14 °C … %2B19 °C, on the West in places to %2B23 °C. In Smolensk: at night %2B3 °C … %2B5 °C, in the afternoon %2B19 °C … %2B21 °C. text: Nilsky Yvan...