In "" Branch JSC "RZHD" — Yekaterinburg railroad will tell Night of museums about life and creativity Mamina - the Siberian

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Tours will be conducted each hour on May 21 from 19:00 till 1:00. The Sverdlovsk iron road traditionally joins the stock "Night of Museums" which will pass in Yekaterinburg already for the 16th time. On Saturday, May 21 the main programs of two museum platforms of the highway will be dated for the 170 anniversary since the birth of the outstanding Ural writer and the playwright Mamin Dimitri - the Siberian. Museum narrow-gage iron roads on the basis of children's iron roads in Mayakovsky's park (Michurin St., 230, 54) will tell a building about the small homeland Mamin Dimitri - the Siberian – the settlement we Hang. Employees museums will acquaint...
Mamin Dimitri
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