"Quintessence of hatred": as in Poland, Baltics and in Ukraine fight against the Russian culture] became more activ

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In the Kremlin Mateusz Morawiecki, compared the Russian world with "a cancer tumor" called unacceptable the statement of the Polish prime minister. Earlier Russophobic statements to the country and the people were made by the Minister of Culture Poland Petr Tadeush Glinsky. According to the Polish official, the Russian culture "has to disappear from public space" in connection with events in Ukraine. Along with it in Poland the wave of demolition of monuments of Red army began. As experts believe, the example Warsaw in many respects "inspired" on holding blasphemous actions of the authorities and nationalists of Baltics and Ukraine — in these countries...
Dmitry Peskov
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Maria Zakharova
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Mateush Yakub Moravetsky
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Alexander Bastrykin
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Kaya Kallas
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