Critics discuss "Sirano's" film adaptation with Peter Kheyden Dinkleydzh in a leading role

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Moscow, 21 Feb — Federal state unitary enterprise RAMI "RIA Novosti". Critics highly appreciated the new movie Dzhozef Wright "Sirano". On the aggregator of reviews at a tape a high rating — 86 percent. It is based on 71 responses, and only ten journalists did not give a tape a positive mark. Picture — film adaptation of the musical which a few years ago there was on a scene opera theaters Gudspid in State of Connecticut. The scenario as movie, and statement was written by Shmidt Erika based on the drama Rostan Edmon "Sirano de Bergerac". The image of the main character was embodied by her spouse — Peter Kheyden Dinkleydzh, known Tiriona Lannistera on a role in "Game of thrones". Sirano it...