Deficiency of chips affected reporting car makers, but Toyota coped with it better than others

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The largest car makers, including Jaguar Land Rover, General Motors Co., Volvo and Toyota, to some extent suffered from deficiency of chips, having reflected problem scales in the last quarterly reports. And only Toyota feel surely — company learned necessary lessons in 2011. Belonging Tata Motors Ltd the British Jaguar Land Rover during the report on financial results of the IV quarter reported about falling of sales almost for 38% in comparison with the similar period of last year though it and did not prevent to increase revenue by 22%, to 4,7 billion pounds sterling ($6,345 billion)...
Marie Barra
Last position: CEO, chairman of the board (General Motors Co.)
Elon Musk
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Martin Lundstedt
Last position: President, CEO (AB VOLVO)
Jaguar Land Rover
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Tata Motors Ltd
General Motors Co.
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