Leonid Gozman about a situation with Yangulbayev' family: Putin is not afraid Ramzan Kadyrov, and envies him

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The politician Leonid Gozman, making comments on a situation round Yangulbayev' family, noticed that chapter Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov becomes stronger at the time of silence of the Kremlin and its affiliated structures. Reflections of the author are published on a site of radio station "Ekho Moskvy". Leonid Gozman noted that the events at present in Chechen Republic "in any way do not break an existing order of things". "The vassal of my vassal in this state – not my vassal. Therefore Ramzan Kadyrov, not from the point of view of the Constitution – yes, forget you about it, at last, do not disturb the dead woman – and from the point of view of those concepts on which the system costs, has the right...
Ramzan Kadyrov
Last position: Governor of Chechnya (President of the Republic of Chechen)
Leonid Gozman
Last position: President (OOD SPS)
Yangulbaev Ibrahim