In the Russian region in fight from Koronavirus will involve doctors pensioners
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In Khabarovsk Territory in fight with Koronavirus will involve doctors pensioners In Khabarovsk Territory the authorities made the decision to employ on fight from Koronavirus doctors who retired recently. The vice-chairman reported Government of the Khabarovsk Territory on sotsvoprosam Eugenie Leonidovich Nikonov. His words on Tuesday, January 25, are provided by Federal state unitary enterprise RAMI "RIA Novosti". He specified that it is a temporary measure which is entered for incidence lifting. Besides, students and volunteers will help to carry out thermometry. The first cases of identification an omicron strain Koronavirus were recorded in Khabarovsk on...
Eugenie Leonidovich Nikonov
Last position: The vice-chairman on social problems (Government kraya)
Natalia Pshenichny
Last position: Deputy director for kliniko-analytical work (Federal state-financed institution of science Central Research Institute Epidemiologii Rospotrebnadzora)
Sitdikov Ramil