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Dimitri Islamov (44 years), vice-chairman Committee State Duma of Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation on power . Was engaged in enterprise activity, taught at FEDERAL STATE-FUNDED EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION FOREIGN ECONOMIC ASSOCIATION "KUZBASSKY STATE TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY NAMED AFTER T. F. GORBACHEVA" KUZBASSKY STATE TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY NAMED AFTER T. F. GORBACHEVA TO KUZGT. Worked at Institute coal and coal chemistry of HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY REGIONAL REAL ESTATE AGENCY; POSELOK SIBIRSKY DEPARTMENT REGIONAL REAL ESTATE AGENCY. Held positions of the chief of managements programs and investment policy of Administration of the Kemerovo region, the deputy chief Department economic development and the deputy governor of area. Participated in creation JOINT-STOCK COMPANY "KUZBASSKY TEKHNOPARK", a cluster "Complex processing of coal and technogenic waste"...
Helena Perminova
Last position: First deputy chairman (Council of the Federation Budget and Financial Markets Committee)
Ruben Simonov
Last position: Actor, director (Theater named after Eugenia Vakhtangova)
Dimitri Islamov
Last position: Deputy, Vice-chairman of the State Duma Energy Committee (State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation)
Iskander Makhmudov
Last position: President (JSC "Ural ore mining and smelting company ", "Management machine-building mining company")