"Rotor" — "Torch". The forecast, rate (to. 2.05) on soccer, FNL, on November 27, 2021

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"Rotor" will play on the home field with "Torch" within the 25th round of the championship Russian Federation. The match will pass on November 27, the beginning — at 14:00 Moscow time. "Rotor" — "Torch": forecast, rate, coefficients, statistics. Soccer. Russian Federation. FNL on November 27, 2021 Rotor Volgograd 14:00 Torch Russian Federation. FNL Coefficients on a match the Rotor — the Torch 14.30kh3.5521.87stavka! "Rotor" After resignations Dmitri Khokhlov affairs of inhabitants of Volgograd do not go yet on a harmony. "Rotor" for the first time in a season got into a dangerous zone. What there return to RPL? ! Here much more is particularly acute a question, whether it will be possible to escape from falling to the lowlands of the Russian soccer. Past...
Dmitri Khokhlov
Vasilenko Oleg
Appaev Khyzyr