Changes in Pervouralsk

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On November 1 meeting of the Supervisory board of Ural Pipe Manufacturer club took place. As reports the club site, the vice-president of regional federation of bandy Sotin Sergei, well familiar to fans on long-term performances for Pervouralsk club, and upon completion of goalkeeper career long time working as the sports director is elected the new chairman of the board. Khafizov Erim, worked in "The Ural pipe manufacturer" is elected over 20 years the vice-chairman of Council. Volkomorov Sergei, since 2010 working in it the accountant became the new director of club. It has the highest economic...
Valery Ivanovich Eykhvald
Last position: President (Independent noncommercial organization "Club Uralsky Trubnik po khokkeyu s myachom")
Sotin Sergei
Volkomorov Sergei
Khafizov Erim