Korkintsa received awards for mobility from "Novatek Chelyabinsk"

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For convenience of consumers of gas, expeditious obtaining information on a condition of personal account, payment of the put fuel, information transfer and data, and also for use of other services, in December, 2016 of JSC Novatek Chelyabinsk "Mobile application" was created. From September first to September thirtieth this year in the territory Chelyabinsk Region among subscribers of JSC Novatek Chelyabinsk, users "Mobile application" there took place an action "Be […] Korkintsa's Record was received by awards for mobility from "Novatek Chelyabinsk" for the first time is published on a site https://gpkorkino.ru...
Vekerle Edouard
Vagina Galina
Poputarovskaya Tatyana
Mikhaylov Youri
Shevtsova Valentina