The Norwegian skiers commented on news about problems with Alexander Aleksandrovich Bolshunov

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Alexander Aleksandrovich Bolshunov Youri Borodavko reported that the leader Russian the national team "very much worries" after twice in a month underwent an operation on the top jaw. Author: Belomestnov Dimitri Sports 25 Author of a photo: Markku Ulander/Lehtikuva I the trainer Youri Borodavko, and the Norwegian athletes consider that the 24-year-old prize-winner of the Olympic Games, the world champion, the double owner of the World Cup Alexander Aleksandrovich Bolshunov is so strong and strong that all problems with health and will not affect this summer results of the Olympic Games in Beijing in February, 2022 in the fall. About it reports Sports 25. The trainer Youri Borodavko in...