"Legends of the Russian hockey". Chapter 25. Frost and thaw

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Very sensitive defeat — the first tournament lost for 30 years and a triumphal victory with two defeats of Swedes divides exactly a year. Arkhangelsk-1974 and Finland-1975. Tournament on prizes of the Soviet Russia newspaper and the World Cup. And permanently main match: The USSR — Sweden. The last copies of the two-volume book can be ordered by e-mail viarus38@gmail .com or by phone %2B7 902 560 33 65 Durakov Nicholas Aleksandrovich LEAVE — the ERA the Match of penultimate round of the VIII World Cup in February, 1973 in Moscow became the last for the veteran of USSR national team Durakov Nicholas Aleksandrovich. Sevenfold...
Valery Ivanovich Eykhvald
Last position: President (Independent noncommercial organization "Club Uralsky Trubnik po khokkeyu s myachom")
Durakov Nicholas Aleksandrovich
Shishkov Gennady
Semenov Sergei
Lizavin Youri