To Belgorod Region will take new anti-terrorist measures after a shuting to Perm

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To Belgorod Region for ensuring anti-terrorist safety kindergartens and schools will spend 1 billion rubles. It is connected with a recent shuting at ФГАОУ ВО "ПЕРМСКИЙ ГОСУДАРСТВЕННЫЙ НАЦИОНАЛЬНЫЙ ИССЛЕДОВАТЕЛЬСКИЙ УНИВЕРСИТЕТ", ПГНИУ, ПЕРМСКИЙ ГОСУДАРСТВЕННЫЙ НАЦИОНАЛЬНЫЙ ИССЛЕДОВАТЕЛЬСКИЙ УНИВЕРСИТЕТ, ПЕРМСКИЙ ГОСУДАРСТВЕННЫЙ УНИВЕРСИТЕТ, ПГУ. The decision on allocation of money on "anti-terrorist protections" in establishments where they now are not present, the governor accepted Belgorod Region Vyacheslav Gladkov. — It is obvious that all problems which were saved up in recent years, in one year cannot be solved, but we are ready to change quickly — Vyacheslav Gladkov declared. According to the governor, in the educational organizations it is necessary to use the latest technical...