GTO festival

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On September 15 MIDIS opened a student's Sports contest the GTO Festival. Girls and young men, 12 teams of the first course SPO competed in delivery of norms of GTO, showing the force, dexterity, flexibility, speed and power endurance. So, the strongest young men were Yevdokimov Aleksey, gr. B-12 and Krasilnikov Georgy, gr. BD-18 which have executed breakthrough of the weight of 35 times, and Arthur Rayngard, gr. BD-18 – 16 pullings up on a high crossbeam. Among girls, development power qualities at high level showed: Velina Anastasia, gr. Dm-18 and Bikbulatova Darya, gr. T-16, having executed 25 times of press-ups (bending and...
Ildar Gilyazov
Main activity:Politician
Yevdokimov Aleksey
Arthur Rayngard
Bikbulatova Darya
Akulov Gleb