Youri Shatunov told because of what Alla Pugacheva sharply changed the attitude towards him

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Today in the program "Hello, Andrey Nikolaevich Malakhov! " on TV channel "Rossiya" again remembered favourite national songs. Emergence in studio of the favourite of all women Youri Shatunov with … an accordion became a highlight of a sincere star sit-round gathering! It opened evening the song "My Village". Certainly, an idol of the 80th and the 90th, become famous for a pop-music and the disco, filled up with questions: who taught him to play on an accordion? who bought the first tool? It became clear that he the self-educated person, started playing in 4 years "being in the village", and the accordion was bought him by the grandma. On the remark Tatyana Sudets: "Not grandma, and grandmother. The granny", Youri Shatunov objected: "I it always so...