Six Russian parties signed the agreement on safe elections

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"United Russia" Party, Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, "Homeland", "Civic Platform" Party, "New people" and "Green" signed in the Central Electoral Commission the agreement on carrying out election campaign with observance of all sanitary standards established by Federal Supervision Agency for Customer Protection and Human Welfare and the regional authorities. With an initiative about formal fixing of intentions to care, first of all, about health of citizens United Russia party members acted. "We have different political views, programs, but all of us together – one country and one people. A difficult minute we have to be an example of responsible behavior and observance of necessary sanitary requirements. Regardless of...

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Andrey Turchak
Last position: First deputy chairman (Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation)
Nicholas Ivanovich Bulaev
Last position: Vice-chairman (Election commission of Tsentralny of the Russian Federation)
Vladimir Zhirinovsky
Last position: Chairman (LDPR)
Alexei Zhuravlyov
Last position: Chairman ("Rodina")
Alexander Alekseevich Romanenko
Main activity:Politician
"United Russia"
Political ideology:Centrism, liberal conservatism, etatism
Political ideology:Patriotism, anti-Americanism, eurasianism, centrism, anticommunism, etatism, mixed economy.
"Civic Platform" Party
Political ideology:Conservatism, economic liberalism