Stanislas Pyatrasovich Pyekha showed how her 7-year-old son after beating looks

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On July 19 Stanislas Pyatrasovich Pyekha Petrpopal in one of hospitals after it cruelly beat Saint Petersburg in Pyotr found the concussion, the closed craniocereberal trauma and numerous bruises on all body. Also from the neigbour suffered not only the son of the actor, but also his grandmother who tried to stand up for the grandson: the injury of a hand is diagnosed for it. Yesterday the boy released from hospitals home. Today Stanislas Pyatrasovich Pyekha Gorchakova Natalia showed how their general looks with...
Joseph Prigozhin
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Wladyslaw Bezborodov
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Stanislas Pyatrasovich Pyekha (Stanislas Pyekha )
Last position: Singer, poet, poet-song writer, stylist-hairdresser, actor, TV host
Bezborodova Irina
Gorchakova Natalia