Zelensky's representative declared problems with blockade Republic of Crimea

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At Kiev there are no means for the end of constructions a dam on the North Crimean channel, the so-called representative of the Ukrainian president in Republic of Crimea Anton Aleksandrovich Korinevich declared, reports information agency "UNIAN". He noted that it can lead to a problem with water blockade of the peninsula. "A question that the capital dam on the 107th kilometer is ready for 80%, for 20% it is not completed because there are no corresponding budgetary financings", - Anton Aleksandrovich Korinevich emphasized. He noted that it is known to him from appropriate authorities, and that allegedly available length of a dam has to suffice not to allow water to get into Republic of Crimea. If with...
Anton Aleksandrovich Korinevich
Last position: Permanent representative of the President (Representation of President of Ukraine in Autonomous of the Republic of Crimea)