The first stone in the basis of the temple in "Putin" Roza] is consecrated and pu

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In the Rozinsky city settlement (the Korkinsky municipal area, Chelyabinsk Region) on a holiday of the Holy Trinity, on June 20, 2021, was consecrated and put the first stone in the temple basis in honor of the great martyr and the healer Panteleimon. It will be built on 50 let Oktyabrya Street opposite by CITY HOSPITAL NO. 2. The stone was consecrated by the metropolitan Chelyabinsk and Miass Spitsin Aleksy. "Here is closest to stops, it is heavy to explain sometimes where there is a temple. And it is difficult for elderly people to reach. Here everything is close, besides a row hospital. There treat a body, at us is I smother", – the prior Svyato-Panteleimonovskogo told...

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Vladimir Putin
Last position: President of the Russian Federation (President of the Russian Federation)
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Natalia Loshchinina
Last position: Head (Administration of the municipal district Korkinsk)
Igor Altushkin
Last position: Chairman of the board of directors (JOINT-STOCK COMPANY "RMK")
Astakhov Oleg
Spitsin Aleksy
"Russkaya mednaya company"