The Pentagon works over creation of space National guard

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The high-ranking officials of the Pentagon are close to creating space division of National guard of United States of America. "I consider that we are quite close to it" — the general Daniel Robert Khokanson told, the head of Bureau of national guard, addressing subcommittee on protection of allocations of the House of Representatives. According to the official, together with the acting as the minister of the Air Force Rot John and the head of department of space operations Rot John...
Ketlin Hicks
Last position: Deputy minister (United States Department of Defense)
Daniel Robert Khokanson
Last position: Chief of bureau of National guard (United States Department of Defense)
Dzhon Uilyam Reymond (Jay Reymond)
Last position: Chief of space operations of Space forces of the USA (United States Department of Defense)
Rot John