Exhibition "Tryn*trava. Sovremennyi ̆ Russian ̆ style" in Turgenev-Botkin' estate

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Modern reading of the Russian style in subject design at exhibition with ROSIZO and Circulation 1/1 gallery support. Here the third year in a row there takes place exhibition "Tryn*trava. Sovremennyi ̆ Russian ̆ style", devoted to modern reading of the Russian style in subject design. This year exhibition takes place on ROSIZO platform in city ̆ to Turgenev' estate – Botkin with Circulation 1/1 gallery support. It agrees Slavic ̆ mythologies, "tryn-grass" — this magic, strong and very beautiful plant which is often associating with a thistle. Organizers of the project call a plant "a revival symbol...