On May 31, 2020 the programming online championship "The open final of the Moscow trainings" for students, school students and those who is interested in algorithmic programming] will take plac

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The championship becomes the final stage of the educational project on Olympiad programming for students of the Moscow higher education institutions which started in October, 2019. Every week within 8 months pupils listened to lectures, analyses of tasks and participated in training competitions. Occupations took place on a campus of MIPT, and also were broadcast on Internet. Hundreds students of the Russian higher education institutions joined the project, among which MIPT, Moskovsky state university named after M. V. Lomonosova, Moscow State University named after M. V. Lomonosova, Moskovsky university or Moscow State University, FEDERALNOYE GOSUDARSTVENNOYE AUTONOMNOYE OBRAZOVATELNOYE UCHREZHDENIYE VYSSHEGO OBRAZOVANIYA "NATIONAL RESEARCH UNIVERSITY "HIGH SCHOOL EKONOMIKI", MGTU of N. E. Bauman, the Moscow Polytechnic University, MRS., NITA "MISIS", MAI, MIREA, MEI, FEDERAL STATE-FUNDED EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION FOREIGN ECONOMIC ASSOCIATION "MGTU "STANKIN", MIET, MPGU, NIYAU MIFI, REU of G. V...

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