The review of a water management situation in the territory Russian Federation for November 8, 2019] is publishe

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According to messages to subordinated Federal water resources agency the organizations, Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring and Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defence, Emergency Situations and the Relief of Natural Disasters for last days there was the following water management situation: Amursk district Basin water administration office federal agency water resources On the rivers Chukotka Autonomous District, Zabaykalsky Territory and Kamchatka Territory, Sakhalin Region and Amur Region water content average. On the rivers Jewish Autonomous Region, Khabarovsk Territory and Primorsky Territory – water content high. Amur Region. On the rivers small fluctuations of water levels, in connection with ledoobrazovaniye processes are noted. On the Amur River (from page of Ignashino to gorod Blagoveshchensk), on the Zeya River (page of Mazanovo, gorod Blagoveshchensk), on the river Selemdzha (page Ekimchan – / p Stoyba)...

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