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Rest in the Principality of Monaco

Monaco — very small state: so, what to pass it "on shank's mare" it is possible in some hours. But, despite the size, Monaco won glory and love of the whole world. The country is in a picturesque place of French riviera near the Alps: clear water, heat and beauty of the nature suits here tourists since the 19th century. In a year to Monaco come about one million people.

All citizens of the country are exempted by the law from payment of taxes, however for them there are also some restrictions (in general, somewhat useful): it is impossible to gamble which are so popular in this resort. However tourists can visit a refined complex of gambling houses to District of Monte Carlo: here "turn" the whole fortunes — them gamble away and win. It is considered the most ancient gambling house around the world, and once even saved Monaco from inevitable bankruptcies. The institution is not similar to "relatives": building modern, an entrance inside only in suits and for a certain sum (from 10 to 200 euros), and besides games here listen to the opera: once here Shalyapin Fedor acted even. Besides, the elite goes to Monaco magnificent yachts.

Monaco also is the large sports center, in particular, here pass "Formula One" races. Well and, of course, in the sphere of policy, the international relations and researches the principality also occupies one of the main places: to Monaco there is the International geographical society, Academy turizma and even the Oceanographic museum, right there hold important meetings between representatives of the different countries.

If you reflected about trips to this wonderful place, do not puzzle over a choice of optimum month — here all warmly and comfortably, but slightly the best time for travel the spring and fall is considered. Water is warmest in July and August, and all local festivities fall on December, January and February.

Krom District of Monte Carlo can go to District of Monaco-Ville: it is on the cape, from where are visible all the district. There the Princely Palace which perfectly remained inside and outside, despite history of 700 years is built: residences are open for guests. To District of Monaco-Ville it is possible to sweep on a hydrocycle, the yacht, akvaparashyute , etc.

A in Fonvyeye the huge stadium settled down at which passed the Supercup of UEFA. It is possible to visit Museum ancient cars or to get on Grimaldi's rocks.

the Dwarfish state is considered

the safest tourist place in only Europe: here, in comparison with other countries, the most large number of police officers on square meter and is few street crime. Surely visit to Monaco, this state definitely is worth it!

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