Sanitary epidemic situation in the region under control

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15rpn koll Rospotrebnadzor board Federal Supervision Agency for Customer Protection and Human Welfare Took place on which the results for the first half of the year were summed up. Among the main questions: organization of summer holiday of children, sanitary cleaning of water supply of the region.

Since the beginning of year the number of infectious diseases decreased by 22%, in comparison with the similar period of last year. The chief of the department told about it gathered. Meanwhile, sounding results of work of service for last period of year, It is noted that the staff of service carried out tasks facing them. Stable there are indicators of quality of drinking water, atmospheric air, the soil, food products. In the region the stable sanitary and epidemiologic situation is provided. Meanwhile, there are threats to wellbeing in connection with a condition of some wells of drinking water supply.

Shchuchinov Leonid, the CHIEF HEALTH OFFICER respublika Altay, the CHIEF OF THE DEPARTMENT Federal Supervision Agency for Customer Protection and Human Welfare on PA: "Here we to you quoted nudely the president: "The major task is prevention of diseases". Such very seldom spoke. And for the first time it is possible to tell that level of our public health care allows to set these tasks. The president says that it is necessary to accustom Russians to annual medical examination. At least, such task costs that each of us living in Russian Federation has to pass medical examination once a year. And following task:" To bring up the responsible relation to the health". With it at us decides, unfortunately, badly, we urge to do vaccination, we surely have opponents who consider that it it is not necessary to do".

in many respects, a safe situation Federal Supervision Agency for Customer Protection and Human Welfare and Government of the Republic of Altai, with municipalities, enterprise society, prosecutor's office is possible to keep

thanks to close interaction.

Nicholas Mylitsyn, PROSECUTOR of RA: "I would like to note that at us the last years effective interaction is adjusted, we understand each other, we have no petty conflicts. We do one work".

On board emphasized, respublika Altay - the environmentally friendly region therefore at the height of a tourist season it is important to support a safe sanitary state. The speech here goes, first of all, about fight against garbage and dumps. Since the beginning of year it was succeeded to achieve elimination more than 5 thousand illegal dumps, a lot of garbage, 2 026 vagrant dogs are caught. Measures for preservation an epidblagopoluchiya in the natural center of plague in Kosh-Agach district are taken. For the disease prevention, during the whole year experts carry out a complex of actions. One more important question - the organization of summer holiday. In spite of the fact that all personnel of child care improving facilities passes hygienic training, unscheduled inspections sometimes reveal the violations which reason most often there is a negligence of workers.

In parallel carry out work with civil society. In a nearly a half-year Management considered about 2 thousand addresses and complaints citizens. In comparison with last year, the number increased by 1,5 times. On board it is noted, the service and is aimed further at fruitful and productive work. Definite purposes and tasks for the future on providing steady system of the prevention, response to threats sanepid wellbeing and protection of the rights of consumers.

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