United Kingdom and EU compromised on Brexit

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At the Bruxelles meeting of the head of European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker with the prime minister United Kingdom Theresa May reached a compromise within the first stage of negotiations on an exit United Kingdom from EU. %2B

"Progress on Brexit will reach

EU " — it is spoken in the message published on a site of European Commission — "EU made the priority protection of results of agreements on settlement to Northern Ireland".


of the Condition of the agreement on a country exit from the union can be coordinated next week, before the summit of EU. %2B

"United Kingdom is aimed now at deep partnership and the special relations from EU" — quotes the Air Force of the British prime minister — "The second phase of negotiations will be devoted to it". %2B

United Kingdom has to leave EU on March 29, 2019. From the union British voted for a country exit on a referendum in June, 2016. %2B

on January 17 this year Theresa May acted as

with the keynote speech devoted to the plan of an exit United Kingdom from structure of EU. The politician expelled possibility of further stay of the country within European Single Market after an exit from EU. The same belongs to an exit United Kingdom from the European Customs union as membership in it would disturb the conclusion of trade agreements between London and other countries. Thus the prime minister emphasized that the government supports preservation duty-free trades from EU within the new customs agreement, or within limited membership in the Customs union. %2B

"An exit from EU will mean that laws and rules by which there lives the country, will be accepted not in Brussels, and in London, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Belfast" — assured Theresa May — "Of the agreement on an exit from EU budt the situation providing preservation of the special relations between United Kingdom and Ireland in the sphere trades and a freedom of movement. %2B

the Plan Theresa May provides also introduction of measures controls immigrations from the countries of EU. Thus it assured that the rights of the European citizens living to United Kingdom, and the rights of the British living in Europe, will be kept. Especially important Theresa May considers trade questions between United Kingdom and EU in the future, and here the British prime minister supports the separate agreement with Brussels. Thus the prime minister emphasized that United Kingdom is time to come to the global arena as the independent country and the trade partner. At last, Theresa May attaches soby significance to continuation of cooperation with the countries of EU in the field of defense, safety, fight against terrorism and crime. %2B

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