In the Kremlin reception on which handed over Friendship Awards to foreign citizens took place

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at a state reception in the Kremlin. The president handed over Friendship awards to foreign citizens for development the relations with our country. Among heroes of the day – and the Russian scientist, the winner of an award for strengthening of unity of the Russian nation.

Reception in the Kremlin in Day of national unity by tradition takes place

in Georgiyevsky the hall called in honor of the highest Russian military award. On its walls – the full list of gentlemen of St. George, the Russian soldiers who have caused a stir, protecting interests of our country. The president spoke to the Fatherland about devotion and to the guests who have gathered in the Kremlin.

"The unity and patriotism were for the people the most reliable support and in days of heartrending experiences, and at the solution of major problems of developments. Careful attitude to the Homeland, care of it, fidelity to sincere friendship and rejection of any pressure from the outside are bearing designs of the Russian statehood, our genetic and cultural code. And Day of national unity marks the great truth to love the Fatherland, to be proud of it and to esteem him", – Vladimir Putin told.

the Presidential award for strengthening of unity of the Russian nation is founded by

only in 2016. It is a sign of the highest recognition of merits in the field of the international relations. One of authors of strategy of the state national policy – the outstanding Russian scientist Mikhaylov Vyacheslav became the winner of an award. In the 90th years it held leading posts in the government and participated in settlement of the conflicts in North Caucasus, in Nagorno-Karabakh, in Tajikistan.

"Your award, Vladimir Putin, called "For a contribution to strengthening of unity of the Russian nation", special. It is unique already that its name contains a purpose which on the value has the scale of national idea", – the head of the department of the national relations told THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION ACADEMY NATIONAL ECONOMY AND PUBLIC SERVICE AT PRESIDENT THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION, ACADEMY AT PRESIDENT THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION, RANEPA, FEDERAL STATE-FUNDED EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION FOREIGN ECONOMIC ASSOCIATION "ROSSIYSKAYA ACADEMY NARODNOGO ECONOMY I GOSUDARSTVENNOY SLUZHBY PRI PREZIDENTE ROSSIYSKOY FEDERATSII" Mikhaylov Vyacheslav.

Seven foreign citizens are awarded with

today Friendship awards. On the eve of a trip to Moscow the Spaniard Gusman Raphael Tirado admitted to us is there was a love from the first a look, a view of the screen. Young men he watched the movie according to the novel Pasternak Boris "Doctor Zhivago" and was struck with richness of the Russian culture. He independently learned Russian, entered the Moscow university, defended the doctoral dissertation. Now teaches on Russian chair at university in Spanish Granada, but the frequent guest and in the Russian regions.

"For me Russian, the Russian culture, distribution of this language, this culture is not simply my profession, it is my love, it that I like to do. Therefore such award for me is a top in my career therefore above it, probably, anything is not present", – he speaks.

of the Award of Friendship from hands of the president were received today the minister of work by Slovenia Kopach  Anna - the Gloom and the mayor of Ljubljana Zoran Yankovich. The award is awarded for perpetuating of memory of our soldiers who have died in two world wars.

Last summer Vladimir Putin participated in the celebrations devoted to a symbol of Russian-Slovenian friendship — the Russian chapel located at the Alpine pass Vrshich. Hundred years ago it was built by captured Russian soldiers. One generation was replaced by another, but all this time locals carefully looked after her. During visit in the capital Slovenia the monument to Russians and the Soviet soldiers who were lost on the Slovenian earth was open. Cranes soar up in the sky – the symbol clear to each Russian.

"The people which does not remember the past, at such people are not present, respectively, a future. Therefore opening of this monument plays very big and important role. It is the only monument in the world which is devoted to the Russians which have fallen in two world wars and the Soviet soldiers", – Yankovich Zoryan told.

Among awarded – and the former president Serbia Tomislav Nikolich. On a republic post of the head, it promoted development the relations between our countries. His statement is known that Serbia never will refuse friendship with Russian Federation and will not enter the sanction against our country for the sake of the accession to EU.


"Be sure that how many I would not live and that I did not do, I will continue to support further strengthening of the relations between our fraternal peoples and the states", – Tomislav Nikolich told.

Investments which give growth to the Russian economy. The French company "Sifal" adjusted business connections with our country at the time of Soviet Union. Now we cooperate in oil and gas and nuclear branches. Chapter of companies Remi Zhil opposed more than once the anti-Russian sanctions. Europe saws a bough on which also sits.

"I do thirty years business with Russian Federation, and the last years were the most difficult for the political reasons. France was involved in system of these silly sanctions which finally turned back against us", – he told.

in Paris Remi Zhil communicated With a film crew of the First channel in French. And for a ceremony in the Kremlin prepared the speech in Russian.

"When in the childhood my parents hung up the poster Gagarin Youri in my room, they could not imagine that once their son will be awarded in Moscow, in the Kremlin by President of the Russian Federation. I think of them today", – Remi Zhil told.

Gentlemen of the Award of Friendship became also the special representative France concerning the relations with Russian Federation Jean-Pierre Chavenman, and the Turkish businessman Chaglar Dzhavit.

Finishing a ceremony, the president separately congratulated each of awarded and was photographed with them for memory. By words Vladimir Putin, here gathered people who have special feelings to our country, both wide and open Russian Federation always reciprocates on it.