VKKS understood, whether fairly punished two Moscow judges

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VKKS understood, whether fairly punished two Moscow judges

of VKKS considered two complaints from the capital. The judge of ASGM who was deprived by cloaks for truancies wanted to return to a profession. At meeting it partially admitted guilt, but asked about softer punishment. Also it considered complaint judges Presnensky district court of Moscow to which capital KKS took out the prevention for red tape and reporting falsification. However, members of VKKS had more claims to check procedure, instead of its results.

"How many the judge can shirk


on September 20 in VKKS was day of complaints. Members of board considered, including, addresses of two Moscow judges. Cloak Elena Semenova from Arbitral tribunal of the city of Moscow which expelled from a profession for truancies tried to return Semenova Helena work in ASGM of 15 years – at first settled in the device, and in 2010 started working as the judge. And on April 13, 2017 KKS Moscow deprived of it powers for "systematic violations of the rules of the internal schedule" on representation of the ex-chairman of ASGM Chucha Sergei . The speaker on business listed some dates when she allegedly was absent. On it Semenova Helena explained that was ill and regularly carried sick-lists, but one of them took one day later, than followed. She insisted that accurately goes for work, but does not know, how authentically cards of employees fix pass.

- As you consider, how many the judge can shirk? – asked in BKKC.<"28>"

- At all, - the podatelnitsa of complaints answered.


But in one of episodes Semenova Helena after all confessed. "I took vacation at own expense for one day to go on family circumstances abroad, it approved. But I had to remain more long [for the personal reasons - a comment avt]", - she told.

- But it is a truancy? You after all have no supporting documents?

- Yes, turns out, a truancy. I do not deny, but I ask to apply softer measure of punishment, - asked Semenova Helena.

Then she told

: "Chucha Sergei [Chucha Sergei ] declared that does not want the termination of my powers". It was surprising to members of VKKS, and Semenova Helena assured them that it expressed this opinion publicly.

After that the highest kvalifkollegiya understood vote points of order by means of the representative of KKS Moscow Kastalskaya Maria . Documents showed that meeting concerning Semenova Helena 11 people participated, and voted 13. To understand as everything was actually, meeting transferred next day, on September 21.

Check which belittles authority of justice

Yershov Valentine from Presnensky district court of Moscow appealed against the prevention which was taken out to it on May 11, 2017 by capital KKS. The young judge who works in Presnenskom since 2012 and 8 months fulfilled duties of the chairman of vessels on civil cases, accused of red tape and a statistics fake. Such facts were elicited by check of judges Presnensky district court of Moscow 2017. She was seen off by judges and assistants to judges City Court of the Moskovka settlement. As Yershov Valentine complained later, checking (among which there were assistants) came silently, did not ask explanations, opened cases, got affairs and photographed. Besides, about results of such check Yershov Valentine was not told.


is more detailed the representative of capital KKS Lopatkin Alexander . According to her, Yershov Valentine volokitil put – on some there were no decisions for 3-6 months. "On materials of any actions, dates of deposits though according to the reporting everything is all right, - shared Lopatkin Alexander are not specified. – Therefore we decided that falsification" took place. According to her, in base on some affairs it was specified that claim changed, the third parties and so on were attracted that allowed to count terms anew, but in reality business was only postponed. The judge did not send the notice and postponed business in connection with absence, and also did not dispatch definition about business leaving without consideration, listed Lopatkin Alexander. According to her, two cases, to the distributed Yershov Valentine, still are not found, and it told that did not make on them decisions. All this, she explained, belittles authority of justice.

- And when assistants to judges of city court enter an office to the federal judge, cases open, withdraw affairs, it unless does not belittle authority of justice? – the member of BKKC.<"44>" asked

Lopatkin Alexander it answered that assistants did only technical work, but she did not see how an inspection was carried out.

- And it is normal when after check its result is not handed over to the person?

- For a list the reference did not give, but at meeting acquainted with results, - justified Lopatkin Alexander.


in members of VKKS were caused also by charges of falsification that is quite serious charge. "This discrepancy of one indicators to another", - the representative of capital KKS reformulated. But these were not all to it questions.

- you made the decision taking into account opinion of the chairman Olga Sergeeva , but she headed Presnensky district court of Moscow only in April, 2017. And what, she in a month with the superfluous managed to understand, what "Yershov Valentine does not have enough rates of work"?


it Lopatkin Alexander answered that Olga Sergeeva, having held a position, first of all studied indicators of work of judges.


Yershov Valentine rejected all charges. In his opinion, it can blame for considerable their part not, and to its device. Assistants and secretaries have to sew, hand over affairs, fill in the magazine, bring data in state automated system and so on. Lopatkin Alexander from KKS Moscow was other opinion - she insisted that the judge has to control operation of the device.


Also checking blamed to the judge that since the end of 2014 on it 54 complaints arrived. to Yershov Valentine it was unclear why took this period though checked for 2017 of business of 2017-2016.

Then at meeting opened that few months ago, in July, Yershov Valentine submitted the application for resignation (is not considered).

- That you, already quite famous in Moscow the judge, moved to write the application? – members of BKKC.<"69>" Yershov took an interest in

Yershov Valentine. After that, according to the judge, him removed from a post of the acting as the chairman. And when he learned about the solution of KKS, finally decided that "is not necessary to system". In summary Yershov Valentine told that now about 90% of motivated decisions make in the consultative room. During a break he did not answer the correspondent of Pravo.Ru a question, what its further plans out of judicial system. "Yet I do not know, watching what decision will make", - Yershov Valentine smiled. And soon he learned that VKKS cancelled the solution of KKS Moscow.

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