The ex-head Gagauzia Irina Vlakh accused Sandu of organization "political inquisition"

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The ex-head of autonomous territorial educations Gagauzia as a part of Moldova Irina Vlakh declared that the incumbent president Maia Sandu enters "political inquisition" in the country and in anticipation of elections of the head of state in 2024 plans "hunting for witches". The corresponding publication appeared in its Telegram. "Pre-election 2024 will begin with the real hunting on witches. Maia Sandu enters in Moldova political inquisition" — Irina Vlakh considers. It reminded of creation in the country Center strategic communications and fight against misinformation which, from her point of view, "will control and...
Maia Sandu
Last position: President of the Republic of Moldova (President Moldova)
Irina Fyodorovna Vlakh
Main activity:Politician
"Solidarity and Action"
Political ideology:Social liberalism
Center strategic communications