"Nobody allowed to address to the student on first-name terms to him": that residents of Omsk about an act of the deputy governor] writ

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Readers of NGS55.RU reacted to recent incident which happened at a meeting of the vice governor Omsk Region Andrey Shpilenko to students of FEDERAL STATE-FUNDED EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION FOREIGN ECONOMIC ASSOCIATION "SIBADI". The official in words sent for re-education in army of those whom "drove" on a meeting, and scarified the young man for an unpatriotic t-shirt. Videos from higher education institutions published in the telegram-channel Ksenia Sobchak "The bloody mistress". — Change a t-shirt, be not dishonored. — it whether bums whether who, I do not know — the vice governor on a t-shirt of the student with Brooklyn inscription showed New York and you know nothing...